Project schedule

1. Taking out the problem(Project).
2. SRS – Preparing the System requirements of the project i.e., understanding the problem in brief with discussing with the team and final writing the synopsis.
3. Start learning the design part.
4. Learn the basics of coding .( Technology you have chosen)
5. Learn about testing. ( Manual preferably)
6. Database Design.
7. Finally go with the project implementation.
8. Prepare a documentation according to the Final report (Refer previous year record).

Note:  All the above should be done as a team work.

Internal marks schedule.

1. Each Team should undergo Class seminar for 10 hours.( 40 marks)
2. Each team should regularly show their progress of each stages to their respective internal guide or HOD.(120 marks)

Note : Irregular student’s project will be rejected in the final review and their report will not signed.

External Project guide:

Mrs Sunitha Subramanya,

1. There will be regular online classes based on project work.
2. During the final project implementation the guide will be coming to college for duration of 5 days.
3. You can personally touch with external guide in Skype or regular calls.

Team for Project 2017-18

  1. Akshatha ,Anupama ,Manisha                        Customer Care Management System For A Branded Product
  2. Bhavana,Sadiya,Agnet.                                       Employee Performance and Training Methodology
  3. Salma ,Noor Naziya,Shifana.                           Health Care System
  4. Ashika.Greeshma,Shruthi.                                Logistic Management System
  5. Shilpashree,Shashidhar.                                    Traffic Police Case Registration System
  6. Sumith,Madhushree,Monisha.                       Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit
  7. Arun Raj,Somaiah,Sharath.                               Share Trading Site
  8. Ponnappa,Sangam.                                                Cement Warehouse Administration
  9. Anas,Vishnu,Ayub.                                                 Tours And Travel Call Center Processing System
  10. Vijith,Keerthan.G.E,Manjunath.                    Driving School Administration Site.
  11. Vishwanath,Keerthan.K.R,Nachappa.      Online Tender Administration System