Rules of the Department

Note for all the
students of BCA -

  1. Students should come in neat uniform all days.
  2. No students are here by inform to carry mobile phone anywhere in the campus premises.
  3. No students are here by informed to stand outside the class room during break time.
  4. ID card is must.
  5. Students should be present at time in class room.
  6. Students should visit the office room only during break time.
  7. Discipline should be maintained inside the campus without fail.
  8. Students should not visit other class rooms without the prior permission of the department.
  9. Raging is strictly prohibited. If any such cases are found then those students are immediately informed to anti ragging squad of Government of India and will be jailed.
  10. Students should take up the monthly test, assignments, Seminars, Personal development classes, internals seriously.
  11. No Birthday parties should be celebrated inside the class room and college premises without the permission of the department.
  12. Students who wanted to take up the leave should inform their respective class in charge without fail.
  13. The Department and College have all the rights to take any action on the students if they found guilty in any act.
  14. All the department activities in future will be done under IT Club of the department.
  15. Boys Should come to Campus with neat shave and haircut.
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